Live Performance Fund


Live Performance Fund

With the welcome and long-overdue flourishing of the Gál discography, it is now a major priority to encourage and support live performance at the highest level on the concert platform. The Society regularly receives requests for support from musicians but too often must decline due to lack of funds, often at the cost of the performance happening at all.

The Society aims to support a variety of events featuring Gál, especially concerts which present rarely-heard, neglected music by Gál, performed by leading musicians.

All contributions appreciated - please just write a cover note 'Live Performance Fund' and your donation will go directly to live performances of Gál's music. Please either

send a cheque payable to Hans Gal Society, 16 Blacket Place, Edinburgh EH9 1RL

or pay by PayPal to
or pay directly into the Hans Gál Society account: Lloyds Bank, 2 Pavement, York YO1 9LB, acc 02531852, 30-99-99

Thank you