1890, 5th Aug. Hans Gál born, Brunn am Gebirge, near Vienna.
1908, Jul. Completes his school education.
1909, Apr. Obtains music teaching certificate.
1909-12 Teaches harmony and piano at the New Vienna Conservatory.
1909-11 Studies under Eusebius Mandyczewski and Guido Adler
1913 Completes doctoral dissertation on the style of the young Beethoven.
1915 Awarded State Prize for Composition.
1915, 21st June Called up into the Austrian army.
1916, 21st Aug. Transferred to Belgrade.
1917, 1st Jan. Transferred back to Vienna.
1917, 16th June Transferred to the Carpathians, on the Russian front.
1918, August Transferred to Italy.
1918, 30th Nov. Demobilised.
1919 Awarded Rothschild Prize.
1919 Appointed Lektor at the University.
1919, 2nd Nov. First performance of "Der Arzt der Sobeide", Breslau.
1920 Appointed to a full-time post at the University.
1922, 6th Apr. Marriage to Hanna Schick (b. Prague, 18th March, 1902), in Vienna
1923, Apr. First performance of "Die Heilige Ente", Düsseldorf.
1923, 19th Jan. Birth of son Franz.
1924 Birth of son Peter.

Exclusive contract with the publisher Simrock.

1926, 24th Apr. First performance of "Das Lied der Nacht", Breslau.
1926 Awarded the Art Prize of the City of Vienna.
1926-27 Publication, with Mandyczewski, of the Complete Works of Brahms.
1927 Founded the Vienna Madrigal Society.
1928 Awarded the Columbia Schubert Prize
1929 Death of Mandyczewski.
1929, 3rd Dec. Takes up the post of Director of the Mainz Conservatory.
1933, 30th Jan. Hitler becomes German Chancellor.
1933, Feb. The National-Socialists take power in Germany.
1933, 29th Mar. Gál is suspended from his post.
1933, 7th Apr. Passing of Aryan laws in Germany
1933, Apr. The Gáls move to the Black Forest.
1933, Sep. The Gáls return to Vienna.
1938, 12th Mar. German troops cross the Austrian border: the 'Anschluss' begins.
1938, 13th Mar. Austria becomes part of the German Reich.
1938, Mar. The Gáls emigrate to England.
1938 Gál is brought to Edinburgh by Tovey, to catalogue the Reid Music Library.
1938 Tovey suffers a stroke; Gál returns to London.
1939 Outbreak of the Second World War.
1940, May Interned in Huyton near Liverpool and on the isle of Man.
1940, Sep. Released; returns to Edinburgh.
1942, 4th Mar. Death of Gál's mother in Weimar.
1942, April Suicide of Gál's sister Edith and Aunt Jenny in Weimar.
1942 Death of son Peter.
1944, Jan. Birth of daughter Eva.
1945 Appointed Lecturer at the University of Edinburgh.
1947 Founding of the Edinburgh Festival.
1948 Honorary Doctorate at the University of Edinburgh.
1948 First performance of the cantata "De Profundis", Wiesbaden.
1956 Retired from his lectureship at the University of Edinburgh on reaching the age limit; re-appointed on a part-time basis.
1964 Awarded the British "Order of the British Empire".
1967, 7th June Death of son Franz.
1973, 12th June Birth of grandson Simon.
1977, 28th May Birth of granddaughter Tanya.
1977 Honorary Doctorate at the University of Mainz.
1981 Awarded the Austrian medal "Literis et Artibus".
1987, 3rd Oct. Dies in Edinburgh, aged 97.
1988, Mar. First Viennese performance of "De Profundis".
1989, 22nd Dec. Death of Hanna Gál, Edinburgh.
1990, May First performance of "Rich Claus, Poor Claus" ("Die Beiden Klaas"), York, England.