String Quartet No.I (F Minor)
, Opus 16, (1916)
Moderato ma con passione, Molto vivace, Adagio, Allegro energico

Duration: 30''
Publisher: Simrock (1924), now Boosey & Hawkes
Available from Boosey&Hawkes: in print (score: M2211206178; parts: M221120663)


"One of the few creations of recent date which really breathe something of the spirit of Schubert. This quartet is Schubertian in its blissful major-minor tonality, its melodic richness, its piquant rhythms and dance-like exhilaration." [Erwin Kroll: 'Vom Schaffen Hans Gáls', Simrock Jahrbuch 2, 1929, p.172]

"Those who enjoy Brahms' music should pay great attention to this work although this is not to say that it is merely a copy of Brahms' style. While the Quartet is somewhat in the style of Brahms, it is also indebted to Schubert and to the general musical milieu of 19th century Vienna. The first movement, Moderato ma con passione, has a rich, lyrical main theme which is quite inspired. The second movement, Molto vivace, is a scherzo which can trace its roots back to Schubert and provides a pleasant interlude. One finds the warmth and affection of the third movement, Adagio, quite appealing. The melodies of the finale, Allegro energico, un poco sostenuto, are imbued with humor and good feeling. In sum, the entire work is very finely written and shows good understanding of quartet style."
[Wilhelm Altmann, Handbuch für Streichquartettspieler (Handbook for quartet players). Wilhemshaven : Heinrichshofen's Verlag. 1972-1974]
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