Divertimento for flute, oboe, two clarinets, trumpet, two horns and bassoon
, Opus 22, (1924)
Intrata, Pagliazzo, Cavatine, Intermezzi grazioso, Pifferari
also for orchestra (privately available))

Duration: 25''
Publisher: Leuckart (1925), now also Maecenas
Available from Maecenas music: score and parts in print


The Divertimento for wind, Op. 22, was composed in 1924, as a commission for the 1925 Festival of contemporary music in Kiel, organised by the 'Allgemeiner Deutscher Musikverein', on whose committee Gál subsequently served, along with Alban Berg and Ernst Toch. Gál wrote of the work:
"It is a 'divertimento' in the original sense of the term: Open air music in the character of a serenade, five movements of contrasting moods, lyrical and burlesque, concisely shaped and with the closely-knit texture of chamber music".
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1 - Intrata
2 - Pagliazzo
3 - Cavatina
4 - Intermezzo
5 - Pifferari